Elvis Sings The Harmony

En ny "tema-CD" släpps i dagarna. Elvis Sings The Harmony samlar det bästa från 1961-1975. Det finns en hel del godbitar på denna skiva. Den kommer att finnas i mitt hem snart!


01. I'm Yours 

02. Could I Fall In Love (harmony vocal overdub)

03. Singing Tree (remake with harmony vocals)

04. Gentle On My Mind (different mix)

05. Don't Cry Daddy (taken from acetate)

06. Mama Liked The Roses (harmony vocal overdub)

07. Suspicious Minds (master take without fade)

08. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road    

09. Power Of My Love          

10. Do You Know Who I Am 

11. Bridge Over Troubled Water (master without overdubbed applause)

12. There Goes My Everything         

13. Snowbird (take 6)

14. Miracle Of The Rosary   

15. Separate Ways     

16. For The Good Times (harmony vocal overdub)

17. It's Midnight         

18. Promised Land (take 6)

19. T-R-O-U-B-L-E (harmony vocal overdub)




20. Could I Fall In Love (harmony vocal)

21. Don't Cry Daddy (master take 3 with vocal overdub)

22. Mama Liked The Roses (different harmony vocal)

23. Suspicious Minds (isolated harmony vocals only)

24. Power Of My Love (harmony vocal version)

25. Do You Know Who I Am (harmony vocal version)

26. Bridge Over Troubled Water (stereo version with vocal repair and harmony vocal overdub)

27. Promised Land (“This Is Elvis” edit)

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Publicerat 2019-04-24

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