Hollywood Ballads

Ny CD med en samling ballader från 60-talet i alternativa tagningar.


01. Doin' The Best I Can (take 3)
02. Pocketful of Rainbows (take 3)
03. Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (binaural master)
04. In My Way (solo, take 2)
05. Home Is Where The Heart Is (stereo master)
06. Forget Me Never (take 1)
07. Where Do You Come From (binaural master)
08. They Remind Me Too Much Of You (take 7)
09. Big Love, Big Heartache (remixed master)
10. Today, Tomorrow and Forever (movie version)
11. Do Not Disturb (take 27)
12. Santa Lucia (take 1, vocal overdub)
13. I Need Somebody To Lean On (take 2)
14. Puppet On A String (take 7)
15. We'll Be Together (take 10)
16 A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You (take 4)
17.The Girl I Never Loved (take 5)
18.Am I Ready (take 2)
19.Could I Fall In Love ( undubbed master)
20.Almost (take 29)


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Publicerat 2019-03-24

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