Night Life

Titel: Night Life
Längd: 1:50
Bernie Baum, Bill Giant och Florence Kaye
Utgivare: Elvis Presley Music
Inspelningsdatum: 1963-07-09
Inspelningstid: mellan klockan 19:00-00:00
Inspelningsplats: Radio Recorders Studio B – Hollywood, CA
Matrix: WPA1 8023
Tagning master: 14
Producent: George Stoll
Studiotekniker: Dave Wiechman

Gitarr: Scotty Moore
Gitarr: Tiny Timbrell
Gitarr: Billy Strange
Bas: Bob Moore
Trummor D. J. Fontana
Trummor: Buddy Harman
Piano: Floyd Cramer
Piano: Dudley Brooks
Saxofon: Boots Randolph
Trumpet: Oliver Mitchell
Kör/bakgrundssångare: The Jordanaires

Första utgivning: Singer Presents Elvis Singing Flaming Star And Others (PRS-279)
Även utgiven på bland annat:
Elvis Sings Flaming Star (CAS-2304)


Oh the neons are a gleamin’ and the gamblers are a dreamin’
Oh it’s night life, yeh! night life
The chips are a spillin’ and it’s time to make a killin’
Oh it’s night life, yeh! night life
Oh the pockets are a-burnin’ and the money flies
With dice roll a-turnin’ and you’ll hit snakes eyes
You can’t be a quitter when you’re caught up in the glitter of
Night life night life

There’re long legged women who will take you for a trimmin’ yes it’s night life
Oh night life
Their lips taste like honey but they’re out to spend your money
Yes it’s night life. Oh yeh!
Just roll that seven and you’ll hear them shriek
When seven come eleven it’s a lucky streak
You can’t beat the drama, the excitement and the glamor
Of the night life, I said that night life

So place your bet, come on make your play
Though you may regret it at the break of day
I said you can’t be a quitter when you’re caught up in the glitter of
Night life night life
Yeh! that night life, good ol’ night life
Night life, yes, yes, night life, oh night life