It’s Diff’rent Now

Titel: It’s Diff’rent Now
Längd: 2:31
Clive Westlake
Utgivare: Whitehaven Music
Inspelningsdatum: 1973-07-21/22
Inspelningstid: 21:00-03:00
Inspelningsplats: Stax Studio – Memphis, TN
Matrix: WPA5 2574
Tagning master: jam
Producent: Felton Jarvis
Studiotekniker: Al Pachucki

Gitarr: James Burton
Gitarr: Reggie Young
Akustisk gitarr: Charlie Hodge
Bas: Tommy Cogbill
Trummor: Ronnie Tutt
Trummor: Jerry Carrigan
Piano: Bobby Wood
Orgel: Bobby Emmons
Kör/bakgrundssångare: Kathy Westmoreland
Kör/bakgrundssångare: The Sweet Inspirations
Kör/bakgrundssångare: Mary Greene
Kör/bakgrundssångare: Mary Holladay
Kör/bakgrundssångare: Ginger Holladay

Första utgivning: Walk A Mile In My Shoes (66670-2)
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Look at you and tell myself
How wonderful you are
You’re so different now
’Cause to me you’re much more wonderful
More wonderful by far
Yes, you’re different now

There’s more to love than holding hands
And stealing kisses, no one else around
There’s the good times and the bad
There’s the ups and downs we’ve had
But it’s different now, I’m so glad I still have you

There’s always something new to see
I look at you, you look at me
And we’re so different now
Love gets better every day
And in some peculiar way
It’s always different now

If we ever say goodbye
You’d be lost and so would I
And that’s the difference now
Between us, love just for a day
And a love that’s here to stay
That’s the difference now
The difference now